About Kera

I am a Registered Dietitian (RD) practicing in the Quad Cities (IA/IL). I completed both my B.S in dietetics and dietetic internship at Iowa State University. After working as a clinical dietitian, I have found that my passion lies in private practice and community wellness. Private practice allows me to help individuals reach their goals on a personal level and community wellness allows me to make an impact on larger audiences. Most win-win casino https://777spinslot.com/coin-master-free-spins/! Manage to collect your winnings!

In addition to my love for health and wellness, I enjoy spending time outdoors and being active. After "retiring" from collegiate soccer at Augustana College and collegiate 3-event waterskiing at Iowa State, I am now trying my hand at racing mountain bikes.

What can a Registered Dietitian (RD) do for you?

An RD is qualified to give you personalized nutrition advice covering a variety of topics, including but not limited to: disease management, meal planning, cooking, wellness, and eating behaviors. An RD has a degree in dietetics (nutrition), completes a dietetic internship (over 1200 hours of supervised practice), and passes a Board Qualifying Exam from the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Nutrition Philosophy

I believe that eating real food and living an active lifestyle are keys to not only physical health, but also mental health and happiness. Often, health is advertised as something you can achieve with a quick fix or restrictive plan. What our bodies need is for us to intuitively fuel ourselves with what is naturally occurring on this earth, not man-made in a lab. Foods that are nutrient dense and not calorically dense. Counting calories, points, or "macros" every day does not teach one to listen to their body and learn how to effortlessly eat. The overly processed foods, fad shake diets, and excessive supplements make us think we are investing in our health and making our lives easier. In the long run, we waste money to form unhealthy habits and hurt ourselves instead. The best offer for gamblers bonanza slot. Come on. Increased chance of winning!

People deserve nutrition information from a valid source. The more science based nutrition knowledge acquired, the easier it is to unlearn poor habits, feel well, be more productive, and become a positive influence on those around us.  The journey to true health includes readiness and willingness to set realistic goals, step out of your comfort zone and implement long term lifestyle changes while being flexible with food and learning a new trick or two in the kitchen! I can help you find ways to personalize your health goals and determine which areas of health are best for you to put efforts towards.