Weekly Plant-Based Meal Plans

Would you love to cook more often, but without the hassle and planning? My weekly meal plans, designed by myself, are healthy, simple, and delicious. Whether you plan to stay committed 5 days a week or would rather pick and choose recipes that work best with your schedule, these meal plans will meet your needs.

What is a whole-food, plant-based diet?

A whole-food, plant-based diet is a diet based on foods derived from plants, including vegetables, whole grains, legumes and fruits, but with no animal products, white flour, white sugar, and oil. This is the only diet that has proven to prevent and reverse many of the diseases that are prevalent today. My meal plans do not contain any animal products, if you or your family are not ready for a full dinner transition, adding your own meat/dairy/eggs to my plant-based recipes is always an option.

Cook dinner without the stress

Take control of your health and discover quick, new recipes that get the whole household excited about dinner.


Meals can be prepared in 30 minutes or less with minimal ingredients and steps. 

Shopping List

Shop with purpose and lower your food budget. This will help you get in and out of the grocery store in a timely manner. 

Gluten-Free Substitutions

Whether you have an allergy or intolerance, each recipe comes with gluten-free substitutions

Whole Food Ingredients

No need to worry about refined ingredients (oil, sugar, white flour). These recipes are approved by Kera. 

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